With artworks as important as the clothes and imagery straight up mesmerizing your brain, non-gendered fashion line NILØS is like an eclectic world put into shape, visuals, and garments. And this world doesn’t stop just there it also draws great influence from music and even sets a political statement along the way. Looking to the early 2000s and British music scene at the time for inspiration, founder Tatsuro Horikawa, who also runs Japanese avant-garde label Julius, based the Fall/Winter 2017 collection “Brain Squat” on everything Grime, Dubstep and squat culture, referencing the rebellious and boundary pushing vibes of the times. Combined with seemingly chaotic yet captivating original artwork from Zeke Clough, creator of the imagery of music label Skull Disco, NILØS transfers this theme of intertwining and combining different fields onto every aspect of the new collection, bringing all of them together under one textile roof.

And with designs as versatile as these ones, it’s no wonder “Brain Squat” doesn’t just focus on the pleasant but also hints at the unsettling happenings that dominate the world and our everyday lives, slowly but surely make the inner workings of our minds look just like those tangled drawings by Zeke Clough. With the title, Tatsuro Horikawa wants to comment on the mental terrorism affecting people all over the world and mainly in the US, linking his clothes not only to other creative fields but to society itself. With a world as complex and challenging as ours, finding beauty and thrill in as many places as possible might just be the way to go.

Photography by Bleu Mode

Styling by Riku Oshima

Artwork by Zeke Clough



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