“We graduated together last summer and while we were still hyped about our grad show, we were already making plans for the future. We got along really well during our studies at the academy but only noticed after graduation that, even though our collections don’t look alike, we do share the same vision, each of us with different strengths. So why not combine those strengths and form one superhero girl squad?

So that’s what we did and Reconstruct was born. And how rare is it to get the opportunity to work together with your girls, doing what you love?  The road towards the show was a rollercoaster of emotions. Of course it was exciting, because we didn’t know how the public will react to it, but we always stayed true to ourselves. Sometimes the emotions were all over the place but mostly we were working while dancing to 90’s music.

As sleep isn’t an option the nights before the show, it was quite hectic with many mood swings coming from six different females. But it’s like that everywhere. It’s the adrenaline rush that kept us going, and it makes it easier when the team is all together pushing each other to do better. We are blessed with each other and blessed with everyone who helped us along the way and most certainly grateful for the huge team backstage that made the show a visual reality.”

Analogue Photographs by Laura Aanen

Digital Photography by Peter Stigter and Yavez Anthonio

Words by Laura Aanen, Zara Asmail, Alyssa Groeneveld, Kim Kivits, Michelle Lievaart, and Sanne Verkleij from Reconstruct




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