For those of you out there who enjoy style while staying conscious then you better listen up and let us introduce you to pinqponq. Hailing from the German city of Cologne, this brand invites a refreshing side of sustainability that the everyday joe wouldn’t see. Let’s go ahead and break down the three elements that pinqponq lives by.


Design- behind every model of bags that pinqpong creates comes the thought of who, where, and how. As tricky as the average person finds it to come to terms with their personal style, it’s probably ten times more of a challenge to create and design something that the average person will wear and hope to last. Adaptability is key, something that we feel should have no lines drawn, the bag is for everyone- no matter what style, shape or size you’re bound to find something that fits to you.



Functionality- It’s 2017 and the digital age is on steep climb, in the world of creators, we find ourselves running around like headless chickens with the reoccurring challenge that is organization. With pockets, compartments and sleeves beyond your imagination the makers of pinqponq have just made our lives a great deal easier. Let’s take the backpack for example, a forward flap with a clear view and easy access to exactly what you’re looking for. Your laptop, notepads and gadgets all now hold their well deserved personal space.

Sustainability- a word that’s being thrown around like a trend, but how many brands are staying true to their word? A fun fact and crucial fact about pinqponq is that all fabrics used are 100% made of recycled PET bottles, and all of that chemical nonsense is no where to be found. However there’s more to being sustainable than just that, the production behind the bags is in addition- a must know. Over in the South- East Asian country of Vietnam is where the bags are being manufactured, in a fair trade factory. No sweatshops found here.

If you’re interested in finding out more about pinqponq be sure to check out their website as well as Instagram.


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