Whether they’re travelling the world together or are just chilling at home, Rafa and Luca always try to live each moment to the fullest. Sadly, visiting the most exotic countries sure requires a lot of planning ahead, so the couple’s best alternative to actually getting on a plane and going to the other side of the world often comes in the shape of a daydream. And as there’s hardly any better place to envision yourself snoozing on the beach or strolling though the jungle than by simply lying in bed photographer Tereza Mundilova asked Rafa and Luca to fasten their seatbelts on an eve mattress and answer a few questions about their favorite place to daydream – definitely more comfortable than a 14-hour flight anyway.

How did you meet?
Luca: I invited some friends over to my place and they introduced me to Rafa. We sat next to each other and immediately had a connection. After that we kept on seeing each other every day for a while.

What’s your most favorite shared memory?
Rafa: Our road trip through Italy. We were travelling along the Amalfi Coast and explored the little cities together.


Describe each other in three words.
L: Rafa is open minded, funny, has a good heart and is very gorgeous.
R: Luca is hilarious, special and warm hearted.

What are your dreams for the future?
L: I want to do stuff that really means something to me, something creative by using photography, fashion and art. Rafa wants to go to Sao Paolo to live and work there for a while. That’s why we don’t think too much about the future right now, we rather enjoy the special time we have together.

What are your first thoughts when you wake up?
R: We think about the things that have to be done that day and how we are going to work them out. Then I try to think of some excuse so that I can sleep a little longer.


Waking up or snooze?
L: We usually hit snooze but after one minute the the next alarm rings.

What gets you out of bed?
R: Friends who want to hang out.
L: Definitely good food and good weather.

What’s the best song to fall asleep to?
R: I rather enjoy silence – no song, no series, no sounds. For Luca it’s the other way round, sometimes he listens to some music before falling asleep, but he has no specific favourite song for that.







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