I once wrote an essay that was completely focused on fashion photography today and how does our current technological milieu fundamentally alter fashion photography as we know it (oh, if you were wondering where is this going, Gadir is a photographer)… Back then I wrote “The fashion industry because of social media is at the moment entranced by front-end, consumer-facing innovation, that overrode what we know as a traditional photography and presentation. Tech-enabled methodologies deliver different results as we know it, all visual informations are pushed, pulled and shared at every media there is, and as a result, we are witnessing the lack of quality, as in this stage it’s more about the quantity. Everything is advancing at a rapid rate, discouraging smarter, informed decision-making.. ” So now we come to Gadir – he is exactly what fashion photography in this day and age needs. He is still pretty much ‘old-school’ and looks like he can’t be bothered with anything. His photos are simple, self-explanatory, alluring, enchanting and simply – cool.


Gadir is Melbourne born – Sydney based photographer who’s distinctive eye caught the attention of publications like Vice, Oyster and Acclaim Magazine. What we love about Gadir is the non-pretensiousnes in his photos and the youthful attitude they possess, without being kitschy or childish. We love the way he uses lighting, his feeling for composition… Sometimes there is just no need for crazy inventions and superior technique! Feeling, taste, simple knowledge, observation of surroundings and being present is good enough, it’s more than good! I mean when ‘they’ said ‘less is more’, ‘they’ were right. And that’s why we think Gadir is truly the one to watch! With a taste and feeling like his, we are pretty sure he has a solid and long lasting career ahead of him. Oh, and did we mention he makes kick ass lasagna!? Just one more thing to love!

What makes you want to take pictures?

I really enjoy doing it and it gets better by age. New better experiences around the world. Working with other creative people you really look upto and documenting it all.

Have you ever taken a perfect picture?

No, I haven’t.


What makes something special for you?

The way it makes me feel. The potential memories I have of it.

Where do you find beauty?

In everyday life it can be through interactions, moments, travel etc.

Do you think you are easy to work with?

I would like to think I am easy to work with, I try and be super positive on set. Other people’s moods generally dictate how I’ll feel. I definitely like to be around positive people for work.


How do your parents feel about the pictures you take?

They like whatever I do if it makes me happy. They migrated to Australia from the war in the middle east 30 years ago. They are glad that I have the oppurtinity to pursue something creative I like. It wasn’t something that they got to enjoy.

Are you confident doing what you do?

I’m confident at this moment, yes.

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to work with animals. A zoologist would have been ideal.

Do you enjoy being a photographer, is that ‘it’ for you, you want to do that till the rest of your life?

I enjoy photography a lot. Sometimes it can be stressful but for now this is what I want to do. I definitely have other interests that I would like to potentially pursue in the future.


What do you fear?

The direction the world is going down. Socially and Economically.

Do you think the timing is everything?

I have had some great opportunities arise in the past year and I feel it was because I was in the right place at the right time. I do believe timing with anything can better the opportunity.

Do you think the trick to be liked and popular, is to be relevant?

I don’t think there is a trick to being liked. It just happens.

By Katja Horvat




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