What, in our day and age, defines a boy as a boy? And what then defines masculinity? Those are the questions Danish singer Asbjørn raises with his new song “BOY PWR”. And his answer is pretty clear: “You decide who you’re gonna be, fuck the industry” he declares in his new single accompanied by catchy pop tunes and an important message. As his upcoming third album “BOY PWR” is set for release in 2017 Asbjørn’s goal is to not only address the lack of diversity for men in pop culture but also downright challenge these issues in the process. With his inspiration coming from iconic 90s GRL PWR bands like the Spice Girls he looks to initiate a similar change, but this time around boys should be the ones taking the representation of their gender upon themselves. The video for “BOY PWR” therefore shows a little boy in his bedroom, thriving on the possibilities of masculinity media is showing him – at least in Asbjørn’s version of an ideal world. Until that vision becomes reality the singer continues his quest of proving that being a boy can’t be defined by stereotypes, the views of others or even words per se – because after all “it’s up to you what gender you feel” the ambitious singer states.

Enjoy the video by Sylvie Weber to Asbjørn’s new song “BOY PWR” below!

By Trisha Balster


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