May it be Olaffur Eliasson, James Turrel or Beyoncé’s stage architect – they all use the power of light to fascinate the viewers. They show that light isn’t only a handy invention that makes us see in the dark but can be so much more. Light can be art. It can change our perception of things and the whole atmosphere of our surrounding. One specialist in this field is the Berlin and Copenhagen based company Sygns.

Founded in 2014 the brand came to combine innovative aesthetics with modern neon technology. They work together with various artists around the globe who turn your regular illuminant into a fun jawdropper. Their exceptional talent is crafting colorful neon signs witch catchy slogans like “my beauty kills your focus” or comic speech bubbles that scream “KAPOW!”. However if you’d like to have it even more unique you can individualize your very own neon sign.

By the way: Sygns’ futuristic ambitions obviously never stop as they just launched a Kickstarter campaign to promote the latest project Kiën that is all about intelligent daylight and energy reduction. Don’t really know how that should work? Check out their already hugely successful video here! Trust us, be aware for something big and a truly world-changing design…

By Marieke Fischer

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