Facing the genesis of New Wave, Nu Metal or Ska-Punk leads to the fact that mixing different genres and experimenting with various sounds and subjects, can create interesting new subcultures and trends. Deathcore girl ALANA, who is known as the keyboarder form Californian Band “Winds of Plague”, is a perfect example for such crossover music. In her upcoming single “BAD”, she created with producer Khris Lorenz, ALANA presents a curious mélange of 90s visuals, dark and mysterious elements from her death core origins and new playful, girly pop-moments.

The fusion firstly refers to the supernatural horror movie “The Craft” created by 90s director Andrew Fleming and secondly to a real life experience ALANA had with a guy, she fell in love with. “I was seeing this guy and he stripped me from my morals”, she describes the situation, which bases the content of “Black Magic”. In the video the antagonists of dark and bizarre content clash with the colorful light scenes and ALANAS preppy outfits – we are reminded of Avril Lavigne, Kesha or the girl group “The Veronicas”.

These comparisons imply expectations to ALANAS next projects – her first Solo EP, which she would love to produce in a collab with her idol “The Weeknd”.

Photo credits I Dana Pennington

Text by Clara Becking

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