This year has been crazy so far with music, Beyoncé dropped Lemonade, Kanye introduced us to the Life of Pablo, Rihanna went on her Anti World tour and Frank Ocean released his long awaited album Blonde which of course was not to disappoint. With that all being said, it seems as though the music videos have been coming in stronger than ever. From underground artists, to mainstream and to that international trap flavor we’ve been yearning for it’s all here…

Kicking off our list is the New Zealand native Parris, who you probably have only heard of from being acquainted with Justin Bieber. Yup that’s right, she’s the girl behind all of those great moves from his Sorry video, now making her own time to shine the 24-year-old Parris released this bouncy video with her very own choreography to go along.

Everyone loves Frank Ocean, we get it, but how about this video? Photographer and director Tyrone Lebon has certainly out done himself on this one. Featuring an array of London’s best IT-kids, glitter and a perfect amount of tasteful nudity.

It was quite the surprise when this was released as no one really heard or saw it coming. Nevertheless Travis Scott teamed up with New York native and visual genius Hype Williams and created the animated stop motion action video to his hit song 90210. Travis is this your best video yet?


Our favorite Korean-American rapper and leader of the underwater squad is back with another trap banger, Keith Ape alongside pals K$upreme and Okasian released their purple infused music video for Fendi. Who cares if we can’t understand a large part of the rhymes, this hazy club vibe video has ready to party.

Whether this kid is serious or not, we don’t care we love him. The 16-year-old Indonesian rapper Rich Chigga has been all over our radars this year, his crude not giving a damn attitude has us in awe. The latest release is the video for “Who That Be” is 50% filmed himself on photo booth, wearing fake grills and showing of his on trend dance moves. If he’s a kid of the moment, or will turn into a legend is debatable, for now he’s one to be watched.

By Olive Duran



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