Since the days of rap legends Lil’ Kim, Trina, Remy Ma, Foxy Brown, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, Eve and so on the most memorable times of the female rap world slowly began to decrease and now remains more and more underground. Well of course we still have Nicki Minaj, Dej Loaf, Iggy Azalea and Lil’ Debbie, and while all of these chicks are pretty badass we found a love with a new genre of the internet gals. All with the most unique and individual style that invites a new wave of the underground rap game.

Princess Nokia aka Wavey Spice or real name Destiny Nicole Frasqueri is the 24 year old Afro-Nuyorican that’s bouncing off our party playlists. Having grown up between New York’s lower east side and Spanish Harlem her crude big city attitude is very clear to be heard in her tracks. Don’t be fooled, this girls got many skills not only is she a wild rapper, she’s got a voice with so much soul that you’d have never seen coming.

While juggling the genres that are Rap, Soul and R&B this New Yorker remains incredibly proud of her heritage with a feisty voice this generation needs. Let’s not forget to mention her noble feminist views throughout her lyrics this self proclaimed “hollywood hood girl” wants to make it very well known that no matter what, she will not hold back.
For more check her Soundcloud & Instagram.


Pain, sex, relationships, revolt, drugs and boredom are all relevant topics behind the music of this artist on the rise. The hype is real. Meet Tommy Genesis. The latest addition to Awful Records founded by rapper Father. This Vancouver girl calls herself the dark angel prototype and has often said that she’s gone to the “Dark Side” or considers herself a “Demon Baby”. Either way we’re absolutely smitten with the cute faced Canadian rapper who expresses crucifixion, and preaches of a world with no rules.


All the way from Little Rock, Arkansas is the sweet southern minimalist internet rapper Kari Faux. It’s taken a bit for the young rapper to gain her recognition having released her first a mixtape in 2014 which was unfortunately thought to be a flop. Of course no one gives up that easy, later Ms Faux released her single “No Small Talk” with the cyber powered music video that gained quick global attention. Perhaps the underdog of our list but we’re certainly rooting for you, check more on Kari Faux’s Soundcloud here.

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By Olive Duran

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