Listen up ladies and of course gentlemen, all our peroxide nightmares are about to become sweet sweet dreams. Olaplex is a new product that has revolutionized the bleaching industry, saving bleached hair all around the world. We went to Berlin’s own Neo Salon to find out for ourselves just how well Olaplex actually works.

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Having been bleach addicts ourselves for years, we’ve been through it all when it comes to being blond. We had given up on the thought of having healthy looking, bleached, blond hair until one of our editors went to Neo Berlin and got an Olaplex treatment. David Jakobs,  Berlin based Olaplex educator and hairdresser extraordinaire, did the hair and enlightened us about Olaplex.

And this is how the magic works: There are 3 different phases, Olaplex No 1 is mixed in with the actual bleach, making the whitening process a lot less harmful to the hair. No 2 is a 10 minute conditioner-like product after the hair has been dyed and No 3 is a bottle of Olaplex that you can use at home.
After the Olaplex treatment the hair felt healthier than it did before coming into the salon and there was no trouble with hair-loss after it had been bleached. One thing is for sure, no one at INDIE will never get their hair done without Olaplex again…

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Curious to know more? Visit the Olaplex website HERE

All images taken from Instagram

By Indiana Roma Voss

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