It’s not everyday that we hear of brands coming out of the southern hemisphere, especially not New Zealand. Well the rowdy skaters behind Shark Week are prepared to change the game once and for all. Founder Tom who opened up his own flagship store in 2015 along side his pals talks to us about how he got started and what they’ve got coming up for us. Get interactive and be sure to follow them on Snapchat & Instagram to see what they get up to on the other side of the world.

Who is behind Shark Week?

All my friends and myself are behind the brand.¬†I guess I have two hands on the steering wheel. My business partner¬†Logan Smith does his thing with the illustrations. Young Money Nick¬†Mason has a huge input all around. Logan Buchanan aka Jill is the man¬†behind 90% of the photos. Beach Boy brings the music‚Ķbut that’s a whole¬†other venture that ties into all of this. And everyone else!! But yea¬†if one of us make it we all make it type shit. I guess we all¬†have the same vision in some way and this is a cool platform for all¬†of us to do what we want.

How did you get started?

Well I have worked in the retail/clothing industry since I was 16, I am¬†now 25. Over those 9 years being surrounded by it all from companies doing awesome things to brands making dumb decisions etc. etc. I grew¬†into wanting to create ‚Äėmy‚Äô favorite brand from my experiences. Also¬†New Zealand, and now the world with the internet, is such a small¬†place which makes everything a lot more accessible which makes it very easy for brands to flood the market. This is where I ¬†want to¬†offer product that isn‚Äôt mass produced. I don‚Äôt make heaps of one¬†thing. I want to keep creating and moving forward. And if people like¬†what I am doing I guess that’s a bonus and I am so grateful for¬†everyone that has supported it so far.

Shark Week- what’s the story behind the name?

Umm there is no real story it was just the first text that I put onto a tee and I guess it just stuck. A lot of people think it comes from the Discovery TV program, but it’s got nothing to do with that.

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Who is your target audience?
Everyone and any one who likes it. I’m not trying to push this shit¬†down anyone‚Äôs throat. I want people wearing Shark Week because they¬†like Shark Week.

What music best describes your work ethic?
BEACH BOY ! But pretty much everything and anything. Snoop, Tyler, Rocky, Future, Drake, J.Cole, Earl, the list goes on. Also  Lontalius and Leisure would be at the top of the list with Beach Boy. They are from New Zealand as well and they about to do big things too!!

What is your relation to Golf Wang?

There is no relation there. I just really look up to Tyler and what he has achieved. The message he stands behind has defiantly inspired and helped me to get to where I am today. If you listen to the interludes on Radicals off the Album Goblin then you will understand where I am coming from. Pretty much do what makes you happy and don’t let no one crush your dreams.

Any collaboration aspirations for the future?

I’m sure you can pick it after the last answer haha. Would love to do something with Golf Wang. GOLF  SHARK

You are based in New Zealand, do you have any logistical obstacles?

Yeah I guess so. We are so far away from the rest of the world so getting shit here is quite expensive and vis versa..when we travel it can get a bit pricey. But it’s a blessing in disguise that we are so far away from it all I feel. New Zealand is beautiful. 

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Where are most of your customers from?
Most of my customers are from New Zealand and Australia. I just had my first few orders of to USA, Singapore and also Switzerland! So crazy!!

Any dream models you would love to see wear Shark Week?
Na I don‚Äôt really care about that. I want people wearing the brand that want to wear the brand not some model that got it for free for¬†looking good and having heaps of Instagram followers or whatever. I¬†think that shit’s lame.

What to you is the most exciting thing about the fashion industry today?
No Rules!!!

Send me an email or some shit [email protected] I’ll send ya one back

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By Olive Duran

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