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New to the game is the 19 year old Terése Dapot, the Ghanian and German fresh face made her debut last season on the catwalks of Berlin Fashion Week. While still not signed to an agency we’re confident that the young catch is soon to be snagged….


How long have you been in Berlin & what motivated you to move here?
I moved to Berlin in 2014. It was a very spontaneous idea and I didn’t have a plan. Needless to say my parents were not impressed, as I was just 17 years old.

What Kiez do you live in, and what is your favorite hangout in the Kiez?
I live in a place called Wedding, I don’t have a “favourite” place as such- I still like to explore the area, find new flee markets, small cafes and bars or just a new green space where I can sit and hang out when the weather is sunny.


Who would you absolutely love to model for?
Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood! I’m absolutely in love with their style.

You feel the most comfortable when wearing….
I love being cosy, so I usually wear something fluffy when I want to feel comfortable. I have quite a few fake fur jackets and fluffy, oversized socks! My sister hates the socks- when I visited her in London the fluff of my socks was all over her place.

When you are not out and about modeling, what can we find you doing?
I’m still in school, so I spend my weeks reading or at home with my roommate cooking and cuddling with our two cats. If I have time, I love to go around flee markets or vintage shops to find unique pieces of fashion. I also like to keep fit and recently started kick boxing- it’s a brilliant way to get rid of any frustrations!


If you weren’t living in Berlin where would you be?
I’ve been fascinated by Japanese culture and language for a while. I’d be dream come true if I ever get the chance to visit or even better, live there!

Current song/ album obsession?
I LOVE Ibeyi! They are a French-Cuban twin sisters and their music is a mix of jazz, neo soul and alternative R’n’B. I absolutely love each and every song of them!

If you were given one last meal to have for the rest of your life what would it be?
That’s easy- I’m half West African and I could easily eat my dad’s fufu and soup every day. It’s a traditional Ghanaian dish, consisting of pounded yam or plantain, which is served with soup, mostly peanut soup. It’s quite heavy though, so I don’t think I’d be able to model if I eat it too often- it’s my guilty pleasure.


Proudest moment of the year so far?
I had my first runway show this year at Berlin Fashion Week. I was nervous but really enjoyed the experience. I got really positive feedback as well, so I seem to have done a good job!

Dream date?
My boyfriend -I obviously have to say that ;D

Describe what you plan to do this summer in 3 words:
Tandembike, Festivals, Open Airs

Newcomers to Berlin, where do you send them first?
The typical tourism stuff can be fun! I’m still in love with the Museum Island. If you want to explore some local places, I’d recommend that you choose a part of Berlin and just go off on an adventurous exploring trip on your own. Try to stay off the main roads, you’d be surprised what you can find. There are so many amazing places in Berlin and there’s always something to do.

By Olive Duran

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