Flying cactuses, icecream-cones spiked with pills, milkshakes and glitter. Juliette Mainx and Fanny Böhme are Eyecandy, the young photography-duo shaping Berlin’s creative scene. Their work is as sweet and powerful as the name promises – their visual language reaches from pastel-girly to brash in-your-face. On-point, all-the-way-through conceptualized still lifes featuring accessories, straightforward fashion-photography and surreal pictorial worlds are what makes them unmistakably Eyecandy.
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Smart and innovative as half German, half Spanish photographer and crossover-designer Juliette with public relations- and fashion-background and experienced photographer and photo designer Fanny are, they teamed up as the duo combining visuals with technique and creativity with expertise. The concept of balance and addition. Fanny about their work-relationship: “Als Duo zusammen zu arbeiten bringt auch viele Kompromisse und Diskussionen mit sich – was eine immer wiederkehrende Herausforderung der Kommunikation bedeutet. Gleichermaßen bedeutet es aber auch unglaublich viel Spaß und geteilten Stress.” Being close, being friends is another aspect: They do not only cuddle for photoshoots, like they do in the photographs above, wearing white almost-matching shirts – Juliette in Ryan McGinleys Calvin Klein version of it as an homage to the new ck2 fragrance. As a team they are super-pop-art set designers, stylists and photographers, combining every talent they need. Still young Eyecandy’s strategy to circuit themselves with cool people and brands is unbeatable: Their portfolio looks like a yearbook of Germany’s creative scene, bloggers, influencers and cool kids. Being two themselves their faces show up on every second Instagram-feed under the hashtag #the2ofus and every scene event in Germany’s capital, inspiring with vigor, attitude and edge.

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Cookie Blush


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All images via Eyecandy

By Nele Tüch


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