Instagram is a wonderful digital realm to get lost in. The moment when you realize you have been hopping from account to account for hours is something we can all identify with. For the next time you find yourself basking in the LED light of your phone, INDIE Mag has made a top 10 wonderfully weird Instagrams to watch list for you!

1. Taste Of Streep
Taste of Streep is a Instagram account dedicated to photoshopped pictures of Meryl Streep in, on and around food. The photos are hilarious and bizarrely well composed!

meryl1 meryl2
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2. Look At This Pussy
Look At This Pussy is a feminist insta account publish pictures of anything and everything that resembles the beautiful lady bits!

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3. Jail Feet
You foot fetishists out there are going to love this account! Remain anonymous the girl that runs this account posts only pictures of her feet in all kinds of bizarre, dare we say kinky, situations.

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4. Notes of Berlin
An account that post all kinds of randomly found written messages across Berlin!

berlinnotes1 berlinnotes2
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5. Kanye Doing Things
If you have a very dry sense of humor then the Kanye Doing Things Instagram account is about to become your new favourite insta. The account posts only  photos of Kanye with the lamest description of what he is doing in the photo.

kanye1 kanye2
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6. Kirby Jenner
Another photoshop genius, Kirby Jenner claims to be the long lost twin of super celebrity Kendall Jenner. Photoshopping himself into family photos Kirby caries on his facade of being part of the Kardashian / Jenner clan.

kirbyjenner1 kirbyjenner2
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7. Texts from your ex
Texts from your ex is an hilarious account posting the good the bad and the funny when it comes to break up texts.

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8. Mr Pimp Good Game
Mr Pimp Good Game who refers to himself as the leader of the selfie movement has an insta gallery filled with basically the same photo. Uploading at least 2 or 3 selfies a day Mr Pimp keeps our need for selfies satisfied.. Maybe a little too well

selfieking selfieking2
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9. Miserable Men
This account is dedicated to the poor men who are dragged by their wives and girlfriends to go shopping with them. We’ve all seen these men, perhaps have even been these men, it’s about time they got their own Instagram page and some respect!

miserablemen1 miserablemen2
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10. Cash Cats
All you cat lovers out there are going to love this one. Cash cats features exactly what the name says, cats with a lot of cash!

CashCats1 CashCats2
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All images from taken from Instagram

By Indiana Voss

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