The german music scene has to offer young offspring artists. And sometimes they find each other, like the trio Sea Moya found the music all-rounder NOVAA. They turned NOVAAs song “Danger is my only lover” from a wavy, dark and “bleeding” song into a song you can and have to dance to – with closed eyes – in the morning sun – outside. Or just dance “somewhere people don’t expect you to”. Within this giving and taking of creative ideas NOVAA continued the process by producing a video for the new version of her song. And we got it!


How did you feel when listening for the first time to each others songs?
NOVAA When I listened to Sea Moya for the first time I felt like being in one of the stories I read as a kid, where it’s all about freedom and your own imagination. There are no boarders when I listen to their songs. It makes you calm but it also make you wanna dance and you’re able to completely take stock of yourself. Basically their music is kind of a drug – but a healthy and a good one.

SEA MOYA Back then a friend sent me some songs of her. She told me that she knew a super talented 17 year old girl who does everything on her own. Writing, producing, art and video. Listening to “Danger Is My Only Lover” for the first time blew me away. You could lose yourself in the depth of her voice and just float away. It was an astonishing and simply beautiful experience.

Sea Moya, did you always want to collaborate with NOVAA or was it the song that made you fall in love with the idea?
SEA MOYA After my friend introduced me to NOVAA, we met in the Sea Moya studio space and nerded out some live arrangements for her. It was no question that we should collaborate at some point. “Danger Is My Only Lover” was one of the first songs I’ve heard of her and that kind of stuck in my head.

NOVAA, why did you choose to release the video of the Sea Moya remix?
 When I listened to the remix for the first time I knew right away that I have to release a video to it. I completely fell in love with that version of „Danger Is My Only Lover“. Even if the original song sounds pretty dark and sad the song also contains something very energetic and positive. The remix reveals that energy perfectly while at the same time adding some calmness to it.

Did you work together on the video? Whose idea was it?
SEA MOYA We thought it would be fun to play kind of a ping pong game with that. After the remix of the original was done, it was up to NOVAA again with the video.

NOVAA The idea of the video was created by me and I also shoot the video with two friends. The loud colors and the attitude of Katy are the main thing in it. I wanted to create an atmosphere of freedom and levity. It should give the audience a feeling of being able to fully and freely be who they are with all their unpleasant sides and celebrate every tiny bit of themselves.

Who is the girl in the video?
NOVAA The girl in the video is Katy fka „Lisa Rowe“, she’s also a singer and I know her from studying. I’m super happy she shot the video with us.

Where is the best place to dance to the song?
NOVAA I think everywhere you normally don’t dance is perfect. The supermarket, a bus station, a restaurant. Somewhere people don’t expect you to dance. These are probably the best places to dance to the song.

SEA MOYA I guess the best place would be a really fast airplane. There are these different scenes in my head. The intro and outro feel quite cold like flying over the northern hemisphere. In the middle of the track you’d head south and cross the equator. Then again it’s getting colder to the end. Have a listen to a great song of a friend of ours, David Lemaitre – The Incredible Airplane Party. The Lyrics describe the best place to dance to the song quite perfectly.

Berlin, Köln, Hamburg, or abroad?
NOVAA Definitely abroad. Probably Island.

SEA MOYA All three cities have their qualities but the most fascinating thing is the unknown, isn’t it?

A question from Sea Moya to NOVAA:
SEA MOYA If you could work with any visual artist on your next video/artwork, which one would you pick?

NOVAA I would either pick the „Pussykrew” from Berlin, they made the music video for „That other girl“ by SEVDALIZA which I totally adore, or the one that made the video for „Hurt“ by Yung Lean – I have no idea if it’s Yung Lean himself or someone else, but I love the video and the lo-fi thing in it.

A question from NOVAA to Sea Moya:
NOVAA In which movie before 1990 would you like to live and why?

SEA MOYA I’d probably go with Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”. That spacestation is just beautiful and I would fancy living in space anyways. The big international station from that film would definitely be my place to be.

„Danger Is My Only Lover“ or „Danger Is My Only Lover Sea Moya Remix“?
NOVAA “Danger Is My Only Lover Sea Moya Remix” – definitely.

SEA MOYA There’s a misunderstanding. Those tracks are one.

By Nele Tüch

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