Today we’re taking a trip back down the music lane and revisit some of the past’s biggest music gems that helped us becoming the person we’re today. Get ready to relive all these childhood and broken-hearted teenage emotions because this is our 10 years music throwback!

Starting off with baby Rihanna or shall we say goodgalRiRi, because back in the days the badest thing she’s done in 2005 was asking the DJ to turn the music up!

Remember the days when Doll Domination was a buzzword? Well, we do and we vividly remember the days when we sang along “Don’t cha wish ya girlfriend was hot like me”, performing with a brush in our hands in front of the mirror. We haven’t done that for a while now, so it’s about time to reactivate our best moves in Pussycat Dolls’ manner!

So if you actually can sing along the lyrics to “Boulevard of broken dreams” by Green Day like we can, you should probably feel very old right now. If you’re listening to this song for the very first time in your life you’ve definitely missed a lot of good parties, so soak this tune up like a sponge and get completely wasted to it at your next house party!

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas” Mariah Carey landed with “All I Want For Christmas” one of the best selling Christmas hits of all time, but we haven’t forgotten another major hit the diva released back in 2005 called “We Belong Together”. It was the biggest hit of the year and believe it or not, it stayed at number one for 14 weeks and made history as the 2nd longest number one hit in US Billboard Hot 100. The only song that beat “We Belong Together” in terms of number one weeks was “One Sweet Day” also by Mariah feat. Boys 2 Men.

Oh Daniel Powter! How could we have forgotten your song that literally was everywhere back in 2005? We don’t know but we’ll be listening to it today from beginning to end to make it up to you! Hit it!

Yass Fergie! Can you believe that there was acutally a time when people sang about things like their humps without showing off everything? Don’t get us wrong, we love people who feel comfortable in their own skin, but do you know the feeling when you catch yourself reminiscing about times past and suddenly notice how time flies? Well if you do, then you’re our people! Roll them Black Eyed Peas and happy throwback Thursday!

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By Kemara Pol 




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