Photography Miriam Marlene Waldner
Styling Madeleine Machold
Hair & Make-up Kristin Belger
Model Aurora

Our cover star Aurora definitely is one of the biggest newcomers 2015. The elfish Norwegian singer – who just turned 19 by the way – seems to float between two worlds: in reality she’s touring and having a song in a TV commercial, in her mind she’s still in her forest, listening to Leonard Cohen and inventing imaginative stories that might become songs. When she was a child she already began composing songs, a skill that almost reached perfection nowadays. Regardless all the success Aurora Aksnes never forgets her roots or looses her down-to-earth attitude – even if her head might be in the clouds. We had a tiny chat with the “Running with the wolves” singer:

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--3_CMYK_300dress VERSACE, tights & shoes STYLIST’S OWN

If there were life on any other planets where would you go?

A planet where the gravity is so low that i could fly.

One thing most people don’t know about you:

I love mathematics. I love chemistry and physics.

What would you like to say to your future-you?

I hope that I will be as attached to the ground as I am now. Because I think I never know what will happen and it might become really big…  And I really hope that I will stay close to my family and myself and not to forget where i come from. Stay down to earth, that’s the most important thing!

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--4_CMYK_300top  BOBBY KOLADE, jacket LALA BERLIN, brooch PRADA

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--7_CMYK_300coat JIL SANDER

You’re a big fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings – who’s your favorite/the most inspiring character?

Darth Vader is mean, but really cool. And I like Sirius Black. However my favorite role is Sam in ‘Lord of the Rings’: He’s Frodo’s best friend and he’s the one who supports him all the way–  and he even carries him in the end of the movie! Sam’s a real hero. He never complains, he just makes everything possible. He’s amazing because he doesn’t really get the honor, but he’s so brave.

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--2_CMYK_300complete look VERSACE

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--9_CMYK_300-turtleneck, shirt, cardican & skirt LOEWE, belt STYLIST’S OWN

What would be the worst thing to lose?

I would hate to loose the joy in making music. Seeing music just as a job would be horrible. And I’m really afraid to loose the people I love. So the answer is basically love!

One skill you would like to learn:

Everything. I love to learn.

What would you like to change in future?

I always want to be kind to the people around me. I want to be a good person to be around. Now I have a big chance to be heard through my songs and I want to use that power. People would listen to me and to what I have to say. I want to be myself and inspire people to be themselves too. The world would be even a more wonderful place when people would be honest, accept other people as they are, accept themselves – and just be kind.

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--8_CMYK_300top, pullover & trousers FENDI, shoes SHOEPASSION.COM

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--5_CMYK_300dress LOEWE, tights & shoes STYLISTS’S OWN

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldnercomplete look MIU MIU

Aurora-by-Miriam-Marlene-Waldner--1_CMYK_300complete look PRADA

By Marieke Fischer

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