Masses of stressed people; the same Christmas songs on loop and crazy lines for change rooms make Christmas shopping every year a drag.

Last Friday night, American Apparel put on the perfect shopping experience in collaboration with Indie Magazine. Shopping with the aid of magical tunes by the Indie team Kira Aurelie & Olive Duran, and thirst quenching drinks by Scavi & Ray, brought back the Christmas cheer to all of those who attended.

The Berlin-Mitte store was packed with people thoroughly enjoying 30% storewide, because who can restrain from doing a bit of selfish pre-Christmas shopping? ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ and who can resist when you begin the festive season with a bag full of American Apparel discounted goodies?E92A7898 E92A7900 E92A7903 E92A7914 E92A7918 E92A7928 E92A7938 E92A7949 E92A7952 E92A7955 E92A7956 E92A7962 E92A7968 E92A7975 E92A7982 E92A7983 E92A7986 E92A7989 E92A7995 E92A8002 E92A8007 E92A8009  E92A8017 E92A8021 E92A8025 E92A8035 E92A8037 E92A8054 E92A8057 E92A8070 E92A8073 E92A8086 E92A8088 E92A8090 E92A8092 E92A8097 E92A8109 E92A8112 E92A8114 E92A8116 E92A8121 E92A8123 E92A8126 E92A8129 E92A8133 E92A8139 E92A8142 E92A8149 E92A8160 E92A8163 E92A8166 E92A8168 E92A8175 E92A8176 E92A8180 E92A8183 E92A8185 E92A8186 E92A8196 E92A8204 E92A8207 E92A8208 E92A8212 E92A8219 E92A8223 E92A8229

Photography by Marlen Stahlhuth

pictures taken with Sony Xperia Z3

By Caitlin Hennessy

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