The most overrated night of the year is upon us and to help you avoid ringing in 2016 passed out on a sticky couch or in the gutter of an over populated street drinking gin from the bottle, we’ve complied a list of ten things to avoid doing this New Years Eve.

Getting so drunk you don’t make it to midnight

Don’t be the girl that orders everyone to do five rounds of shots and peaks too early to see the ball drop. We’ve all been there.

Being the selfie pest

There will always be one person who feels that they are the unofficial documenter of the night. This person is not your friend, you will be reminded of this when they post videos of you passed out on the couch pre-countdown on Facebook the next morning.

Contacting any ex’s from the previous year

In your vodka filled haze, getting closure and letting an ex know you’re 100% O-V-E-R them might seem like the perfect way to ring in the new year, but waking up with 30 unanswered calls in your call log won’t make you feel so hot.

Wearing any form of novelty 2016 glasses

Beyonce could literally wear a paper bag and still look smoking hot, so don’t base your New Years Eve accessories off the fact that she wore novelty glasses. Everyone knows that it is New Years Eve and 2016, they don’t need a constant reminder literally in their face the whole night.

Catching taxi’s

Trying to organise any form of transport on New Year’s Eve is probably as stressful as organising a wedding (I imagine). When you’ve finally secured an Uber and received the text saying your driver is outside, you now have the momentous task of moving copious amounts of intoxicated people to the car. Herding sheep would be an easier task.

Discussing New Years resolutions

No one wants to hear about how you’re ‘turning over a new leaf’ in 2016. Nor do they care about your day by day ‘green and lean’ food plan. Write it in your diary, on a sheet of toilet paper or the back of the t-shirt of the guy in front of you. Whatever you have to do to keep it to yourself.


Not bring enough alcohol because of previously mentioned new years resolutions to be ‘healthy’

New Years Eve is not the time to start enforcing your 2016 resolutions, start them in the last week of December like every other sane person.

Wearing anything that doesn’t cover atleast 50% of your skin

It’s almost January which means reluctantly stuffing all of your ‘Winter but really Summer’ clothes to the back of your wardrobe. We understand you want your outfit looking fly for New Years, but don’t reach into the depths of your closet and pull out that mini, you’ll only end up with frost bite on areas you didn’t know could get frost bite.

Request Taylor Swift to the DJ

Don’t force everyone at the party to listen to the music you dance to when you’re home alone, leave it to the confines of your inner-ear headphones when you’re cleaning the apartment solo.

Trying to be at three parties in one night

Take note of the previously mentioned Uber situation and establish one excellent party to spend the whole night at. This way there will be no FOMO, freezing in lines or swigging Vodka on the side of the road when the countdown begins.

By Caitlin Hennessy

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