There’s a new girl in town that officially is more stylish than the rest of the crowd: Moschino‘s Barbie has arrived and kicks us all in the ass – with black and gold and pointy Moschino heels, of course. What Jeremy Scott started with his real-life-Barbie SS15 collection, he continues with this collector’s dream doll. In an interview with Net-à-Porter the guru behind the brand said: “I wanted to bring all of the Moschino elements to Barbie, as I had done the reverse by bringing all of the Barbie elements to Moschino for the SS15 collection. The thing I love most about Barbie is that she is the ultimate muse; she’s worn every style and design imaginable, and at the same time she’s had every possible profession you can dream of.” True story…

Anyway, as Jeremy Scott probably already expected us to be envious of Barbara Millicent Roberts aka Barbie, he designed people-sized matchy-matchy clothing and accessories – we’re obsessed. The ready-to-wear-collection and the $150 Barbie hit the stores today. So better be sure to be quick and become as fashionable as this iconic lady. And don’t miss to watch the Moschino Barbie spot online, it’s the best we’ve seen in a decade.

Moschino_Barbie_01 Moschino_Barbie_Doll_01

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By Marieke Fischer

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