It’s time for the 90s girl power pop to take a step back and make way for a new generation of female bands. We’ve created our top 9, guitar strumming, drum pounding, all female, kickass bands you need to know now.


The name itself is testament to the fact that these women mean business. Labelled ‘Seattle’s Feminist Punk Band,’ the trio perform in maternity gowns and sing about typically shunned topics like menopause and women’s rights for sexuality. We dig the sarcastic lyrics and catchy beat that appears across their latest album.


Girlpool is a duo that hails from Los Angeles with lead guitarist Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad on bass. The effectiveness of the two women’s voices echoes through their tracks creating something similar to shrieking, but in the best way possible. Although the beat is catchy, the lyrics don’t slip by unnoticed. They are carefully crafted and truly amazing. With phrases such as ‘you were too busy looking at other girls in their little skirts’ and ‘you like me better in my underwear’ the duo have perfectly captured something most women can relate to.


A-WA is a band from Israel comprised of three sisters, Tair, Liron and Tagel Haim. Not to be confused with American sister’s Haim (I’ll get to them in a minute). A-WA have created a unique sound, unearthing ancient Yemenite melodies and mixing them with electronic beats. The trio have gained a huge following within the Muslim community with their first single ‘Habib Galbi.’


Originally going by the name ‘Deers’ the band changed their band in 2014 to Hinds (female deers). The Lo-fi, garage rock, Spanish band is made up of Carlotta Cosials, Ana Garcia Perrote, Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen. These girls know how to rock!


Besides the fact that they have a ukulele in the band, the witty and honest lyrics are what make The Prettiots (a combination of pretty and idiots) totally badass! Witty tracks like ‘Boys (I dated in High School)’ paints a portrait of some very realistic stereotypes, making their music so relatable it’s scary.


Mary Timony, a former member of Helium and Wild Flag, fronts the American punk rock band, Ex Hex. Reminiscent of The Runaways, Ex Hex has the whole rock band feel right down to their outfits.


A trio of fearless, unpretentious, fiery women make up the band Skinny Girl Diet. The name itself is an entertaining social commentary before you’ve even started listening to their riot like lyrics. Scream filled words, accompanied by propelling drumbeats and heavy guitar riffs show that these girls know how to rock!


True to their Australian roots, the four Findlay sisters began Stonefield in a shed on a rural farm. Stonefield has a raw edge to their music that’s reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. Their hippy like nature makes way for big riffs and strong rock-stomping vocals. Another truly awesome thing to note is the band’s singer Amy often sings and plays the drums at the same time during their live shows.


The name says it all. Junk Food Junkies sing predominantly about junk food. With songs like ‘Burger King,’ ‘Tuff Cookies’ and ‘Puddit On Da Pizza’ this is a band we can totally relate to.

Opening picture by Skinny Girl Diet

By Caitlin Hennessy

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