There is no day of the year that has us more hysterical than Halloween, whether your trick- or treating, going to a themed party or staying in to watch your favorite spooky films we know you’re celebrating somehow. We rounded up our favorite ideas for this year’s Hallow’s Eve. Starting with the trending “Netflix & Chill” a simple yet genius costume just grab your t-shirt here, get a bag of ice and done!

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Do it like our favorite bad gal RiRi as she strutted the streets of New York in a Elaine from Seinfeld- inspired green dress also suitable if your going for the 90s grunge look. If you’re feeling something a bit more fierce like her look  at the 2015 iHeart Radio Music Awards in an envy green coat paired with a black body con and knee high boots.

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Are you and your bestie ready to dress up like your favorite 90’s female duos? Get your hair spray and practice those dance moves like Romy and Michelle in glitzy dresses. Or find those old cell phones you have lying around and get your smallest back packs and do it like Cher & Dion in these super cute fits…AS IF!


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For the guys who don’t want to put too much effort into their costumes and still look macho- here you go. The army store has just what you need to channel your inner Top Gun, Rambo or Marine.

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The funniest or most annoying however you may find the fictional brothers make a timeless outfit for your ideal Halloween. Friends or couples if you going to do it like Doug and Steve Butabi please make sure you re watch the film and get those head bangs on point!

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Kimye give couples so many options to chose from, just make sure when your dressing up like the West’s you have the Kim booty and the Kanye attitude, otherwise it’s just poor effort.

By Olive Duran

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