One fashion advice grannies like to give is “you always need to have one eye-catcher in your outfit”. True dat, gran! With Kangol’s AW15 collection it’s for sure that you embrace that knowledge perfectly. The English company with long tradition (already founded in 1938!!) makes our lives a bit harder by having a huge collection in every shape and color headpiece fans ever prayed for – who could seriously opt for just one model?! Do you feel more like LL Cool J back in his great bucket hat days? You wanna have a flawless Beyoncé floppy hat? Wanna relive the episode of Friends when Ross tries to rock his blue flat cap? Or you can just be you, but pimped with a super stylish headpiece. Kangol, you make us broke – and we can’t even be peeved.

kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-14 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-13 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-12 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-11 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-10 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-9 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-8 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-7 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-6kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-4  kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-2 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-1 kangol-lookbook-aw15-indie-

By Marieke Fischer

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