Even if there may be loads of musicians wearing masks at the moment, there’s noone like Reecard Farché. He’s an alien that came to earth to celebrate otherness in all its awesome and weird aspects. That literal dickface founded his one-man band Anklepants a couple of years ago. With this project he creates a yet unexplored parallel universe that is full of foreign sounds, its very own words and an unconventional beauty. The Berlin based anonymous mastermind behind his alter ego Reecard Farché is a real jack-of-all-trades who fiddles about arts, animatronics, sound design, technics, filming and writing. Anklepant‘s work and appearance can’t be described in terrestrial words, you have to see his performances live in action to enter and understand those unknown spheres.

Camera, Post Production & Photography: Vincent Sommer

Interview, Production & Art Direction: Marieke Fischer



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