Hailing from the Black Forest in Germany, Norelle Rheingold seems to be the punky unicorn of the fashion blogosphere. Inspired by almost everything that happened between the 70’s and 00’s, she translates elements of Grunge, Goth, Kitsch, Futurism, Pop- and Japanese street culture into her very own, multifaceted and experimental style. Even though she’s shopping most of her clothing second hand, the outfits on her blog  and Instagram always look fresh and progressive due to the rad DIY- and independent label pieces that she’s adding to them. While bright colors and humorous prints are very significant for her visual appearance, they also speak for her personality – Norelle is definitely an extremely creative, unfearful and sassy girl, that doesn’t give a fuck about what society thinks of her. And if that’s not punk – we don’t know what it is.

Norelle Rheingold 2

Norelle Rheingold 3

Norelle Rheingold 4

Norelle Rheingold 5

Norelle Rheingold 6

Norelle Rheingold 7

Norelle Rheingold 8

Norelle Rheingold 9

All pictures by Norelle Rheingold

By Bela-Tess Wind

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