What started out as a one-off pieces selling blog back in 2009 became one of the most beloved fashion brands of today’s pop stars – whether Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry or Iggy Azalea: all of them rock Australian cult label DI$COUNT UNIVER$E in their music videos, fashion shoots or on stage. Designed by real life BFFs Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James, who’ve met for the first time when studying fashion design, the brand quickly got popular through the Internet without even being presented at the runways of Sidney Fashion Week. It’s the super loud mix of rainbow dyed Tumblr aesthetics and Pop Art illustrations that makes their creations so unique. Representing the Australian love for colour and humour, their hand-patchworked motto jackets, playful sequin minidresses and psychedelic printed shirts are made for adventurous, confident women who take theirselves not too seriously. And the best part? Once purchased, you can wear your DI$COUNT UNIVER$E pieces forever – their designs are so out of this world, they’re timeless and will survive any other short-lived fashion trend. Rad!

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By Bela-Tess Wind

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