With his second ready-to-wear collection for Fall/Winter 2015 Nicola Formichetti, also known for being the creative whizz kid at Diesel, managed to make our little pink rebel hearts go double speed. Apart from the rather obvious kawaiish obsession with cute, considering his roots that happen to be half Japanese, half Italian, one could detect very subtle influences of 18th century European court culture in the extensive use of large frills and brocade print. Beside these hints towards faded royalty we saw huge bows, punky see-through elements and super flashy colors that all in all might make it Alice in Discoland’s favorite label. It’s these intense colours distinguishing this season from his first one kept in pastels mainly. What adds the decisive refreshing and unique twist is its unisex approach. Just what (fashion) world needs: someone to straighten out those lame myths about who’s allowed to love Hello Kitty and who’s supposed to rock the baggy pieces. Applause!


By Katharina Nöstlinger

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