Stick n poke tattoos haven’t had the best rep in the past – for many, associations with friends tattooing each other with biro ink and a sewing needle come to mind. But a resurgence in the last few years of the technique means that there are now more legitimate, professional artists doing stick n poke work than ever before. Working with the traditional single needle and poking the design by hand, hand-poking tends to be a more intimate process, and the finished designs are generally smaller, with less block color and more blank space. Behold, a few of our favorite artists making the technique their own.

Tati Compton

Born Tatiana Kartomten, the London native is now based in L.A., although she has recently been traveling to work on skin all over the world. One of the best known hand poke artists out there (read: you might have a hard time getting an appointment), her tattoos are characterized by their delicate lines, mystic vibes, and organic feel.

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Zid Visions

A little closer to home for us, Berlin-based Zid Visions’ “ignorant style” stick n pokes are characterized by thicker lines and tongue-in-cheek designs – although her oeuvre also includes geometric styles and a fondness for more abstract “plantthingies.” She’s tattooed two members of the INDIE team… So she must be good!

Yaroslav Putyata

Offering a colorful alternative in the sea of blackwork line-based hand pokers, Yaroslav Putyata’s stick n poke tattoos are blocky and bright, the images often bold and fruity. Another artist with a lot of fans, Putyata seems to travel quite a bit, but we can’t quite figure out where they call home (or much else about them, to be honest).

Rosita Ttoo

Budapest-based babe Rozita Ttoo’s most recognizable work focuses on classical busts and sculptures, but she’s also a dab hand at botanical-based designs, as well as anything else that takes her fancy, really. While based in the Hungarian capital, Rozita’s often on the road, so keep an eye out on her schedule.

Evan Lorenzen

We have a big crush on Evan Lorenzen’s stick n poke tats, the subjects varied, but always made of delicate, fluid lines – although sadly, the Denver-based artist is a bit of a trek for us Europeans.

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