To those who plan to roam abandoned warehouses and graveyards or indulge litres of undrinkable punch cock-tailed with fake blood this Halloween: You will need a costume. Instead of dressing like you are planning to summon the Antichrist or eat the entire human race, why not dress in some of the most memorable and outrageous fits that your favourite celebs have braved throughout the years – and he have compiled just the right suggestions for you:

Julia Robert’s “hooker look” in Pretty Woman

We all nostalgically reminisce on the good old days now and again – back to the times when we had absolutely no responsibilities, besides lining up our top 5 rom-coms to binge watch on a miserable Sunday. That being said, a movie based around a prostitute is usually the last of love interests that we would remember to prioritise when wrapped up burrito style. But we all can’t help but swoon when lonely business guru Eddie falls in love with the irresistible freelance sex merchant, Viv. So, if there’s ever a time to live your untold “hooker look” fantasy and rock the iconic cut-out dress, it’s at this year’s spooky rave.

Rihanna’s 2015 China inspired Met Gala dress

It probably wouldn’t be a Met Gala without a celeb pulling out the draw strings and turning up in a look that inspires a meme or two. Be that as it may, probably the only relevant Met Gala look that has served the world of any purpose is Rihanna’s imperial yellow cape, from back in 2015. The American pop princess was dressed in an extravagant gown by Guo Pei and was one of the few celebrities to wear a dress following the theme of the Gala that year – “China: Through the Looking Glass”. We don’t know what we love more, RiRi in an excessive embroidered gown or the steaming peperoni pizza edited on top of it.

Nelly and Kelly Rolwand’s yellow fits in the “Dilemma” music video

Are you having a real Nelly and Kelly about what to dress up in this year for Halloween? If you’re up for reppin’ that old school R&B noughties vibe with your main man, then give this a try. Relatively cheap and easy, attempt to find a pair of your early 00’s low rise bootcuts, match it with an old suede camel crop top, then you’re ready to go. If you’re looking to really push the boat out, feel free to add streaky red highlights in your hair with a washout spray, fill your eyelids in with a vibrant royal blue and a bold brown lip liner. Then tell your boyfriend to ransack through his dads wardrobe and pull out his favourite sweaty, yellow, tennis headband. Match it with an old school yellow baggy tee and baggy pants, but don’t head out without picking up a pack of 5 white plasters to whack onto your cheek

Xtina’s blue scarf and skirt attire at the VMA’s in 2002

Let’s throw it back it back to Xtina’s 2002 “Dirrty” phase when her raunchy and mischievous side, (that we all so obviously admire) came out to play. The “Candyman” lover took to the VMA’s in 2002, to present her infamous “scarf-top” look. Her choice of attire was the official crowd shocker look of the event – she rocked up in questionable black hair extensions, a white baggy cap, about seven layers of bronzer, a denim mini-miniskirt and a stripy blue top that resembled a scarf. This look is certainly not for everyone, but if you, like us, have been waiting patiently to embody the steamy icon since birth, and can handle October’s chilly nights like no other – you know what to wear this Halloween.

Header Image via Rihanna

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