Bushy brows, Instagram brows, colourful brows, feather brows… For the past few years, there’s been a distinct theme to some of the Internet’s viral beauty trends. But one step further than the wild “feather brows,” moving away from the recent preference for thick, perfected arches, the “wavy brow” has now hit.

It looks like the wavy brow craze was started by artist and musician melovemealot (MLMA), after a few snaps of her with squiggles adorning her face were posted on her Instagram recently; but since then, the trend is really kicked off, with everyone from Instagram makeup artists to guys going for the unusual look.

While we’re not sure how the look can be achieved, most examples seem to be photoshopped (the distortion on MLMA’s body on the picture above makes that pretty clear). That said, some more ambitious Instagrammers have recreated it for real, using products like brow pomade, and gel to hold the shape.

While we imagine this probably won’t be one for the everyday (or the faint of heart), we think it’s pretty creative, and a fun way to add a little bit of something different to your look. It’s also a welcome break to the sea of eyebrows plucked, tinted, and drawn to perfection on Instagram that has dominated online beauty for a good few years now.

Featured image via Instagram.