Over the past 20 years with the age of internet growing faster than ever we succumb the pressure to be influenced over what the feeds of media terrorize us with. With that being said the term “Celebrity Identity Crisis” seems to becoming much more of a reoccurring topic, we’re going to take you through what some of our favorite familiar celebrity-faces have been confronted with during this period of uncertainty.

Britney Spears
Remember that 2007 moment when Britney Spears completely had enough? Of course you do, we all do. It went down exactly a decade ago, Britney strutted out of rehab after filing for divorce with K-Fed, walked into a salon and shaved all of her hair off while then throwing a very public tantrum. All at the age of 25. It was a lot to handle for the world famous pop star, she later spoke out saying that she was happy she went through such a moment and learned a lot, good work reflecting Britney, your 2007 moment will forever be remembered.

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Lil’ Kim
She caught our attention when she teamed up with Biggie in the 90’s, being the first female rapper to come out with such raunchy, confident and catchy lyrics and still managing to be such a gangsta gaining all the respect in hip hop. Of course there was Left Eye, Da Brat and Missy Elliot but no one’s style compared to Kim‘s. With a steady reign of hits for nearly over a decade and rocking the most stylishly rememberable outfits. As more female rappers began to rise it was very clear that the reassure was on, it seemed as though her lyrical style went from rude and vulgar to more poppy and so her looks seemed to change drastically. The former beautiful dark skinned Brooklyn beauty was all of a sudden a patchy light skinned unrecognizable face. While undergoing these physical transformations, Kim didn’t take a pause from making music, a Nicki Minaj diss track quickly surfaced called “Black Friday,” a play on Minaj’s “Pink Friday” claiming Nicki had copied Kim and that she should give up as she’ll never be THE Lil’ Kim. The diss track received lots of negative feedback as it was pretty pathetic.

After taking a few years pause we’re happy to see that Lil’ Kim is back making music and leaving those diss lyrics to the rhyme books.

Miley Cyrus
From the age of 11 actor Miley Cryus began her role as The Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana to an audience of over a million people from all over the world. Having played as herself and the fictional pop star Hannah Montana all in one for nearly 6 years, the show eventually came to a close, leaving Miley to follow her true dreams as a singer. As the Tennessee-born recording artist reached her coming-of-age years, her style went from cute and quirky country gal to loud and skimpy twerking girl. Miley quickly received lots of negative attention claiming she was culturally appropriating black community after her video for “We Can’t Stop” & “23”. She was later called out for being too sexually inappropriate after performing with dildos, weed and dancing half naked – what happened to just being Miley? We can’t be mad at the now 24 year-old singer, when you’ve been on television since the age of 11 and growing up in the spotlight you’ll never have a “normal” childhood and look at Cyrus now, after testing the waters for a few years she’s back to making country music and being all around basic. We’re sure society has calmed down now.

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