A never-before seen letter written by Tupac Shakur to his then ex-girlfriend Madonna has been revealed, giving some insight into the relationship between the legendary rapper and the Queen of Pop. The note, penned from Clinton Correctional Facility in 1995, will be sold at auction at the end of this month.

Dated Jan. 15, 1995, 4:30 a.m. and addressed to “M,” the letter is contemplative and deeply apologetic. Tupac admits that it took so long for him to write it because he was “struggling to find all the answers” so that he “wouldn’t leave any unanswered questions.” He also apologizes for failing to be ” the kind of friend I know I am capable of being,” adding that he “never meant to hurt [her].”

The artist explains that he had difficulties coming to terms with being in a relationship with a white woman: “For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in any way jeopardize your career, if anything it would make you seem that much more open and exciting,” Tupac wrote; “But for me at least in my previous perception I felt due to my ‘image’ I would be letting down half of the people who made me what I thought I was.”

Just a year before being fatally shot in a drive-by attack, Tupac makes comments that seem to eerily predict his death: “I felt compelled to tell you…just in case anything happened to me.” He also warns Madonna to “be careful.” “Everyone is not as honourable as they seem there are those whose hearts bleed with envy & evil. They would not hesitate to do you harm! Let my 6 bullets be proof of that!”

The rapper ends the letter in a more hopeful mood, asking her to visit him, and discussing his mental and spiritual growth. “It’s funny,” he muses, “but this experience has taught me to not take time 4 granted.”

The letter will be auctioned on Gotta Have Rock And Roll between 19th and 28th July.

Image taken from Instagram.

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