Hot Parisian streetwear brand Boyhood celebrates French youth, compounding urban elements with sporty details and punchy colors in its designs. It combats the notion that all boys must grow up, influenced by designers Benjamin Brouillet and Céline Fadalat’s own experiences of youth.

Brouillet and Fadalat take inspiration from their French roots and former gymnast and ice-skater Brouillet’s athletic past. These influences manifest themselves in sporty and functional touches: drawstrings, mesh vents, and side-snaps.

Launched just months ago, Boyhood has already generated notable hype online, picked up by international press and featured in publications such as Shoes-UpFucking Young, and Office. Artists including Tommy Genesis and TOMMY CA$H have also been spotted in Boyhood’s designs.

INDIE was given exclusive access to Boyhood’s most recent lookbook, a playful and nostalgic collection of images that perfectly embody the brand’s vibe.


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