The weekend is nearly upon us! Fancy going out, or are you fond of an impromptu home disco? Whether your only plans for the next few days are a trip to the dentist and grabbing lunch in a café, or you intend to go all out, take some inspiration from our pick of iconic dances from the big and small screens (a couple of sing-alongs in the mix, too)…


1. If you’re dancing off the break-up blues… Jailhouse Tango from Chicago


2. If you’re bored waiting for your doctor’s appointment… Nana’s Dance from Vivre Sa Vie


3. If you get itchy feet in the coffee shop… Audrey Horne’s Twin Peaks diner dance


4. When you spot those guys that you and your friends really don’t like… Sharks v. Jets from West Side Story


5. And for when you’re feeling extra fancy… Pete and Trudy Campbell’s Charleston in Mad Men


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