Swizz Beatz is calling out the French fashion house Balenciaga for stealing his logo. High-end luxury fashion brand Balenciaga revealed their spring/summer 2018 menswear collection on Wednesday the  21st of June at Paris Fashion Week Men’s – the show featured a shirt stamped with the infamous Ruff Ryders logo.

First Gucci ripping off Dapper Dan’s one of a kind ‘knockoff’ jacket from the 80’s, now Balenciaga is following suit and playing the ‘culture vulture’. Swiss Beatz took to Instagram to illuminate another uncanny similarity between a catwalk design and a classic street style. He captioned a photo of the original Ruff Ryders shirt from 2000, “I might just want you to open up a fashion school in the Bronx or Harlem. Just so you can give back to the culture.”

The moot piece was a button-down with the Balenciaga logo, but the style of the font is arguably exactly the same as the font style from the Ruff Ryders shirt from way back in 2000. Ruff Ryders entertainment is highly regarded as one of the most successful rap labels and movements of the generation, through signing acts such as The Lox, Swizz beatz and DMX. The Ruff Ryders camp most recently announced that they would embark on a 20th anniversary tour through the United States, kicking off in September.

Balenciaga is yet to comment on the accusation from Swizz Beetz, check out the post below – coincidence or copied? We think the latter…

Image courtesy of Balenciaga. 

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