Rihanna is not one to shy away from anything or anyone. Whether it’s daring fashion trends, a new experimental hairstyle, or politics. That’s right. Politics. The Barbadian superstar has been using her huge platform to promote political and humanitarian causes (recently winning Harvard University’s Humanitarian Award for doing so), such as the Global Citizen Movement and Global Partnership, promoting global education funding. Just ahead of the upcoming G20-gathering in July, RiRi took to Twitter, asking State Heads and Officials what they are looking to do in order to solve global issues concerning education. Germany, Canada, France and Argentina ‘fell victim’ to Rihanna’s politely penned requests to hear what and how it is these men intend to change the current situation for the better. Have a look at the series of tweets below, and see who responded!

As you can see, France’s Emmanuel Macron has yet to respond. But other than that, we’d say RiRi’s attempt was a succcessful one. Let’s hope we actually see these changes happening.


Image via Instagram.