We all know it, we’ve all seen it, and for some of us it hits close to home: the pride flag. The iconic rainbow-printed symbol of LGBTQ-communities all over the world, surpassing borders unlike any other token of identification.
But the flag as we know it is about to change… for the better!
While the LGBTQ-community stands for inclusiveness, acceptance, liberty and, obviously, unapologetic pride in being who you are, racism and discriminition toward minorities inside of the community is (sadly) nothing new.
Amber Hikes, African American queer woman, witnessed first-hand what it feels like to be overlooked by what were supposed to be her allies, and wanted to finally put an end to this, well, double standard.
So, to kick off Pride Month, an updated gay-rights symbol was revealed and introduced a change in design that was long overdue: the addition of black and brown stripes in the flag’s rainbow-pattern.

What initially started as a capmaign to raise awareness for racial discrimination towards people of color idetnitfying as LGBTQ inside Hikes’ hometown Philadelphia, has since spurred on a nation-wide conversation.

Naturally, the attempt at making changes to the flag not only attracted praise and appreciation, but also received its fair share of criticism. Especially by gay white men, most of which have found them unneceassary, stating the pride flag is/was already acknowledging of POC in the community.
“White people do not know what racism looks like, because that’s the definition of racism”, Hikes responded.

While the rainbow might’ve served the purpose of including EVERYONE, we have no problem whatsoever with these changes, and, quite frankly, hope to see others follow suite.

Image via Twitter.


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