Photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti has just released his most recent project titled Bachelor, which will explore his status as a 28-year-old single man, think couples, loners and lovers. Upon starting the project Carlotti told Dazed that he was “thinking about how important it is for everybody to be with someone, and how single people deal with this”. The book and accompanying exhibition comprises of strangers, friends and ex-lovers, emphasising Carlotti’s position as an outsider observing infatuation.

Although the series focuses on romance, it is tinged with a sense of melancholy, for Carlotti the dance floor is a meeting place for lost souls, he describes it as ‘a bunch of selfish people shaking their desire and sadness’. The earliest photos in the collection date back to 2014, before the idea of the project was first initiated, the project was born after a weeks-long swim in a giant military box of negatives.

Carlotti is part of the young creative crew that brought back energy and debauchery to Parisian nights, and translated this energy into art. The photographer has a close relationship with the minds behind Vetements, Lotta Volkova and Demna Gvaslia, and shot Summercamp which featured their SS17 collection. Vetements Summercamp documents a weekend in a French Chauteau with the collective, their friends and collaborators. Summercamp simultaneously offers an exclusive insight into the people and the parties that give Vetements such a distinctive identity, whilst previewing the summer collection.

Bachelor is on display from June 23rd-July 15th at Ellia Art Gallery, 6 rue de la Corder, 75003 Paris.


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Image courtesy of DAZED