Rihanna has taken to social media to express her nonchalance over recent body shaming comments that have proved to be the obsession of her haters. Over the past few weeks Rihanna’s supposed weight gain has sparked the attention of the media world who have meticulously policed the thickness of her thighs and the fullness of her face. Yes, maybe Rihanna’s curves have come into fruition but is it really our role to socially slaughter her?

RiRi’s newfound curves have been turned into a national conversation having prompted a variety of comments ranging from praise through to downright hateful, and some are even contemplating pregnancy… This wave of intrusion was put in the spotlight by an article written by Chris ‘Spags’ Spagnuolo at Barstool Sports titled “Is Rihanna Going to Make Being Fat The Hot New Trend?”, a 350 word piece ridiculing the singer as ‘fat’, which was deleted not long after publication.

However, Bajan beauty RiRi has broken her silence on the topic with her most recent Instagram post, sharing a meme about rapper Gucci Mane, showing a picture of his fuller self in 2007 compared to his more toned bod in 2017, reading “If you can’t handle me at my 2007 Gucci Mane, you don’t deserve me at my 2017 Gucci Mane.” The weight loss meme was then captioned by Ri with a sad, crying emoji face.

This meme queen dished out the ultimate clap back against fat shamers and we love it, it’s about time the public eye stops judging women by their weight and starts focusing on their talent – keep killing it RiRi!

Images courtesy of @badgalriri

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