I will never cease to be amazed at the depths the Kardashian family plunge to in order to boost their (already bursting) earnings. The sister duo Kylie and Kendall have just launched their Jenner vintage T-shirt collection which comprises of old, pre-loved band shirts that are superimposed with their very own faces. Why wear a band t-shirt stamped with the face of legendary rapper Tupac when you could have a screenshot of Kylie’s poolside Instagram post? This recent move has reached new levels of shameless narcissism and has left an unpleasant taste in the mouths of many. One Twitter user aptly suggested “Might as well burn em cause that shit is ugly”, with another describing the move as “disrespectful bullshit”. But we do find ourself asking whether their latest move is really all that bad, considering a large majority of people who now wear band shirts actually have no recollection of the band behind the shirt and simply wear it because it was sold in Brandy and Melville or Topshop, therefore, it must be cool…surely?

Seeing their makeup-adorned, uninspiring faces emblazoned over yet another surface represents a subtle move towards creating a single, homogenized image for the youth of today to aspire towards – breeding the ‘Kardashian Kulture’. Do we now live in a world where everyone yearns for a slice of the vapid Kardashian pie? A world where people are willing to pay $125 for a shirt that has had all its former glory annihilated? A shirt that could easily pass as the result of a 7-year-old’s screen printing workshop? What is most disenchanting is the fact that hundreds of people flocked to their website to buy this t-shirt in its various, and equally horrendous, forms. The Tupac and Biggie shirts have already sold out, and the others are low in stock.

Whilst Kylie and Kendall must be respected for their ability to commodify themselves with such success – Kylie was recently named one of the world’s highest paid celebrities –  I refuse to entertain such devotion to a family known for their ‘pioneering work’ in the field of contouring, and appear to be so vehemently driven by little other than the mighty green dollar.

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