In honor of its greatest artists, legacy, and influence on black and popular culture, New York City’s Harlem – birthplace of the genre – is set to open a Hip Hop Museum early next year.

As the press release reads, the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum (the name it will officially go by) “will offer important and unique documentation of hip-hop’s development and its impact on social trends. The museum will enshrine hip-hop pioneers and legends in wax and through displays (memorabilia and collectibles are presently being gathered and catalogued).”
“The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is chartered non-profit 501 (c)3 Museum and Educational Institution whose mission is to preserve, archive, exhibit, educate, and showcase Hip Hop Music & Culture from around the world. To also conduct research and studies documenting hip-hop’s historical influence on American Pop Culture and its socio-economic impact on societies and trends around the world.”

It will serve as a direct counterpart to Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, and will hold a sportsbar, arcade and concert lounge spread across a 20-story building in the heart of Harlem. According to sources involved, the project is estimated to bring the area around 350 Million USD.

We are just as psyched as you are about this, however, as mentioned above, the museum won’t open its doors until February 2018. So until then, everyone not living close by, should start saving their money for a trip to NYC! We predict this to be an absolute must-see, not only for genre-enthusiasts, Tupac Shakur, RUN DMC fans or the like, but for everyone interested in culture as a whole.


Image via Instagram.

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