A documentary called ‘That Summer’ with footage shot by Warhol himself is in the making, promising to feed your desire to be transported back to the 70s. The documentary will be directed by Göran Hugo Olsson, and will be based on unique footage shot by Andy Warhol, Jonas Mekas and Peter Beard in Montauk, Long Island circa 1970. That Summer will offer an intimate insight into the debaucherous lifestyle of Warhol and his contemporaries at the Long Island beach house. Expect the likes of artists and socialites such as Beard, Mekas, Lee Radziwill and Edith Bouvier in this visual archive.

Olsson was also the director behind the documentary “Black Power Mixtape”, which was based on footage shot by a group of Swedish journalists following the Black Power movement in the States. The documentary feature was shown at Sundance and won an award for best editing. That Summer has also been granted support from the Swedish Film Institute amongst others such as ‘Silvana’ which is a documentary exploring the life of Swedish artist and feminist Silvana Imam by Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, and Christina Tsiobanelis.

We are yet to find out the exact release date, stay tuned for more details.

Image courtesy of @warholpopart.

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