It’s less than three weeks until the new Twin Peaks season finally comes out. We are so ready to lock us in our bedrooms for a few days and indulge in some good old binge watching. But before that, the bit-by-bit released trailers need to be our temporary companions. After being taken through the town’s most famous spots in last week’s Twin Peaks trailer, the newest one evokes major nostalgia in us. It shows some of the show’s most known faces like Deputy Hawk, Laura Palmer’s mum, Big Ed Hurley and FBI special agent Dale Cooper.

It seems that even 25 years later on, the creepiness of the series hasn’t suffered at all. Judging by the scared looks and confused faces in the 30-seconds sneak peek, we can be sure that the years of waiting have been worth it. You can watch the Twin Peaks trailer below.

Header image via Instagram.