The Berlin music scene seems to be at a bubbling momentum, everyday we’ve got the feeling that we’ve discovered a new inspiring artist sprouting from our city. We’d like to introduce you to the Berlin born collective that goes by Garma Kang. A crew of four males bringing in some fresh new sounds. We give it up to Sean (Ricky Tan)Clemens (Kang Owrd)Easy (CHSR) & Mike (Madflows) – with German speaking rappers such as Yung Hurn and Rin on the rise it’s tricky to get your head above the hype, these fellas however know how to do it right. You can find the young crew around the club St. Georg, rolling spliffs bouncin’ around and just all around having a good time. Be sure to check out their latest track along with their intimate video for ‘Mr. Garma’.