Years & Years frontman and former SKINS star Olly Alexander has never been one to shy away from openly speaking about his sexuality, past and present struggles. In an interview with Dazed last year, Alexander opened up about his very serious relationship with mental health: “I’ve been taking medication for depression and anxiety ever since I was a teenager and I’ve had treatment for both.” To shed a light onto the not solely coincidental fact that LGBTQ-People, especially teens, are at higher risk to suffer from psychological problems and mental health issues than others, the 26-year old artist and activist is teaming up with the BBC on Olly Alexander: Growing Up Gay. While more info on the project is yet to be released, we can assume the Olly Alexander documentary will primarily focus on his life, his sexuality, his mental health and how all of these came together and what effect they might have had on his career and personal life.



The Olly Alexander documentary belongs to a set of LGBTQ-related television events in remembrance of “the 50th anniversary of The Sexual Offences Act 1967, which partially decriminalised homosexual acts in private amongst over-21s”, titled Gay Britannia.
We cannot wait to see the film and will thus keep you posted on teasers, trailers, release date and other additional info on it, Gay Britannia, and Olly himself.


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