…and if this isn’t enough to confuse you, he’s acting like a fool alongside George Washington, Ronald McDonald and Bill Clinton. But let’s untangle this thing step by step here: Father John Misty’s new song “Total Entertainment Forever” was debuting today accompanied by a video that shall underline the singer’s statement that no humans should be turned into entertainment. Macaulay Culkin dressed as Nirvana-singer Kurt Cobain is imprisoned in a virtual reality game that is controlled by the first US president George Washington. In the end, he is carrying a cardboard cross, which he is crucified on.

These slightly disturbing pictures are presented with the song’s lyrics that start with “Taylor Swift/all night inside the Occolus Rift”. Even we, big Father John Misty fans, are not really sure what to make of all this. So we guess, it’s up to us and our creative interpretations.

Check out the video below:

Header image via Instagram