It’s time for a special vacation. One that not only gets you well rested but also makes you look your best in the process. But what else would one expect when the host of exactly that stay is no other than A$AP Rocky. Inviting us to the ever so futuristic A$AP Hotel, the rapper and Zalando now debut the imagery to their new Spring/Summer 2017 “Remix Fashion” Campaign, including the rapper’s infamous Mob, four topmodels, and of course lots of fashion. A cross between music video and fashion film, the “Remix Fashion” video already is a remix in itself, combining different genres, High-Street and premium-labels, and various styles and approaches to clothes.

During their stay at the A$AP Hotel, Models Jourdan Dunn, Andreea Diaconu, Kris Gottschalk and Julia Nobis not only each get a room matching their own unique style but also make some fashion discoveries along the way. Encouraged by A$AP Rocky, who sneakily swaps their suitcases at the check-in, they get to explore the millions of possibilities fashion holds and play mix and match with the items suddenly in their closet. Apart from once more showing A$AP Rocky as the ingenious and dauntless trendsetter he is known to be, the Gordon von Steiner directed clip also proves the rapper and his mob to be the perfect hosts: ever so polite, courteous, but still full of surprises to make your stay, and look, the best it can be.

Enjoy your visit with an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse of the video making process and also get the full fashionable A$AP-treatment below.