The new crew issue of INDIE is out now and we couldn’t therefore resist to ask Stockholm based girlgang around Swedish photographer Frida Vega Salomonsson for a sneak peak into everyday life in the capital of snow-covered islands and childhood heroes. The 22 years old member of Acne Photography and founder of Nuda Paper exclusively took some snapshots at the RÄR magazine launch of crew member Celine Barwich. Besides both photographers, the crew consists of illustrator, model and “wisest soul with the best life advices” as Frida likes to call her Cajsa Wessberg (you’ve probably already stumbled across her instagram profile) and film-maker Nim Sundström. From grey hair and shaved head to signature eye make-up, every single member has not only a strikingly unmistakable external feature but sparkles with a special talent from the inside contributing to the crew. It’s no secret that creativity is all about collaboration and supporting one another in order to create something unique with the help of a variety of creative minds surrounding you – it can be a simple piece of advice, helping out with photos or modeling for different projects. “When you are a bigger group of creatives, there is so much to gain by pushing each other and helping out your friends, to be generous with your contacts, network and space”, Frida explains and gives us an idea of what #supportyourlocalgirlgang really means.








By Juule Kay