With fall kicking in, INDIE’s top picks for the artists that are making waves in the Body Art world is right here. Check out some of the most unique tattoo artist instagrams out there ranging from illegal political statement-makers to badass cool kids across the globe.

Tattooist Nini, Seoul

Marking both the political and social struggles of Korea, where tattoos and tattooing is illegal, Nini works at Carpet Bombing Studio in Seoul. Her style, both off and on people’s skins is strong, dark and bold.

Healed after 10 months

A photo posted by NINI (@tattooist_nini) on

A photo posted by NINI (@tattooist_nini) on


Henri, Lyon

Based in Lyon, France, Henri’s style is like a drunk, custom and traditional Byzantine painting with ink and thick lines. Working purely with black lines and part of the ‘Only Black Art’ movement that disregards the use of color in body art.


The Magic Rosa, Italy

Based in Italy and usually on the go for inking people who want his dark humour and thick jail style tattooing on themselves, catch Magic Rosa in Berlin 9th October onwards.


Happy Pets Studio, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Swiss tattoo studio works with grotesque, almost surrealist art that would make waves and statements.

By @happypetsink #blacktattoo #blackwork #blackworkers #ink #happypetsink #happypets #happypetsstudio

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Nice japanese piece by our resident @sdzn / Done @happypetsstudio

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AL-Aleksey Levsha & OD- Oksana D. WitchWoodKiev, Ukraine

The duo calls themselves a tattoo family whose style is characteristic of the almost electric movement happening in Kiev’s culture. Aleskey’s style is dark, bold and traditional while Oksana’s are aggressive and full of a contrast palette of colours.


By Shrovona Paul

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